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As a novice senior citizen, David found his voice in 2017 while visiting family in Toronto, Canada. At that time, he never thought about his powerful pipes and voiceover until his mother said “David, look at that”. On a neon sign, it read, (A Voice can show you the Answer). He has never looked back from his newfound love and passion, voiceover.

David started following other voiceover actors on Social Media, YouTube, and individual websites and started listening to demos and instructions. His first studio cost him less than $300 to complete and the look was less appealing. Then, David keyed in on the great voice of James Earl Jones as he’s been told he sounds like. His first voiceover was giving a talk to Simba and that gig paid $25.00. Soon, he was asked to sound like the Voice of God, similar to Dennis Haysbert’s part (The AllState Speaker), and another sound-alike was launched. So, from those two voices, he found his voice as a Soothing Resonating Baritone – Bass Voiceover Professional actor.

David has voiced parts for African Heritage Inc, where he read the biography of Ronald C. Dunlap, the first African American to play basketball overseas. Then voicing for Saint Norbit College, Woman’s Scape Podcast, Swannanoa Valley Museum Cimarron Cigars, and many more not to forget his first audiobook “Entrepreneur Mindset Be your Own Boss” by Derek Goneke. This is only a small number of voiceover jobs but his largest may be the Dallas Theological Seminary in April 2021 as they inducted a new President. A TV Director recently said to him “Wow, Wow, what a voice”, If they can’t book Morgan Freeman, they should book David B. Kelley!

His Professional Home Treated Studio is top professional in grade and gear to compete on a global stage. David’s education consists of two higher education degrees graduating Cum Laude at both institutions. Additional studies under Gene Evans Music, Annex Audio (audio engineering), Chuck Hubert, Dave Fennoy (online acting and breathing control), and private coaching by the Great Jay Michael Collins. David’s motto is creating a new standard in the voiceover industry by


  • Script Writing: I’m able to assist, construct and realter your words in a powerful delivery outlining the needs of your company in a special format.
  • Internet Audio: Your recordings come with editing and light mastering upon request thereby making the basic needs a professional delivery.
  • Change travel Audio Tours to Let’s get Started: Provide your script and request a short read as a sample with the correct pacing.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.


  • Southern New Hampshire University ( Cum Laude )
  • Southwest Community College ( Cum Laude )


  • Such A Voice – Introduction into VO – 2017
  • Gene Evans Music – Audio Engineering -2018
  • Annex Audio – Audio Engineering- 2018
  • Gene Evans Music -Vocal Pitch Control- 2019
  • Dave Fennoy- Gaming Character -2019
  • Chuck Huber – Breathing Control – 2020
  • J. Michael Collins- Commercial – Corp -2021

Equipment & Studio

  • MacBook Pro & Dell Inspiron 15 – 7579
  • DAW Logic Pro X & Adobe Audition CC
  • Interface Apollo Twin
  • Mic Sennheiser 416 | Rode NT1 | MXL 2006
  • Processor DBX 286s
  • Monitors Presonus Eris E4.5
  • Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 OHM
  • Source Connect / Zoom
  • Dual Screen Monitors
  • CyberPower SX950U (Backup Power)
  • Plugins Used Waves | Izotop | Sonarwork
  • Studio Sound Treated

Let’s start working

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